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Short / long term rigless well test

Early Production Facility

Well Clean up


Expedition of produced liquid

Chemical injection

Measuring well parameters under dynamic and static reservoir

Well Testing Systems


WWS offers a variety of well testing equipment packages and services to meet virtually any well production testing program requirement.


​Our separators include: 

  • High pressure 1440 psi four phase horizontal and low pressure 250psi high volume vertical separators 

  • Mounted trailer fully self‐contained with a technically advanced Coriolis meter.

  • Our mounted mobile metering trailer is designed for rapid rig‐up rig down

  • Equipped with onboard lab cabin for data acquisition and the possibility of real data transition through web application and full laboratory kite for all surface sampling measurement and analysis.

Early Production Facility


WWS provides support and aim to meet clients requirements to generate an early cash flow while continuing to evaluate reservoir potential. 

  • Mobile well test package

  • Emergency Shut Down panel(ESD)

  • Surface safety Valve (SSV)

  • Chemical Injection Pump

  • 10K psi Choke Manifold

  • Data header

  • Emerson Coriolis meter

  • 3 & 4 Phase 1440psi Horizontal Separator

  • 250psi Vertical separator

  • Lab Cabin

  • Work shop

  • Option of providing a 78m3 storage tank with dedicated transfer pumps for liquid production storage before any expedition.

Vertical Flare Stack


WWS deploys vertical flare stacks as required with:

  • Triple Pipe

  • 40 and 60 Ft

  • Electric Ignition

  • Pilot System

Providing, production flaring and helping to dispose of large amounts of unwanted gas, throughout the life of a well

Well Testing Equipment


WWS has a large inventory of equipment dedicated only towards our well testing units such as;

  • 5.5k psi Triplex Pump

  • DNV Pipes with racks & baskets

  • Centrifugal Pumps up to 275psi

  • Multistage Pumps up to 800 psi

  • Single Stage Pumps up to 10k psi

  • Pressure Test pump up to 10k psi

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