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Data Acquisition

WWS provides tailored for purpose products and services for well monitoring and diagnostics. We provide superior quality technologies that have the capabilities to:

  • Enhance our client's ability to evaluate, monitor, and exploit oil and gas assets

  • Ensure client satisfaction, in a timely and efficient manner.

Our downhole memory gauges, surface data acquisition, and metering systems vary from cost-effective solutions to highly technologically advanced systems.

Downhole Cameras


WWS operates with superior cameras with the ability to programme delay time, time interval between images and total of images captured.
Wireline sucker rod connection with intensive LED’s to illuminate viewing area. Detachable battery module, able to make onsite
Deployed on standard Slickline wire / Coiled Tubing.
Mechanical Inspections, such as parted tubing, corrosion,
obstructions, restrictions. Used on wireline and Fishing operations. Applied by WWS for
gas lift and SCSSV valve inspection, scale and organic build up survey.

Gauge Carriers


WWS use gauge carriers equipped with the field-proven micro automatic gauge. WWS specialised technicians carry out testing and operations with our gauges. The data acquisition process is fully automatic, once the gauge’s pressure or temperature thresholds have been exceeded the tool automatically records data to its memory. Upon completion of use the tool is pulled from the well and the gauge automatically stops recording. Through the application and automation of the gauges used we are able to run the tool along with the software suing our specialist trained engineers to carry out more crucial and intrinsic operations.

Quartz Crystal
Downhole Pressure and
Temperature Memory Gauge


WWS uses superior suppliers for its temperature and memory gauges. Armed with laterally locked battery to avoid disconnect in operation, metal-to-metal seal for better protection of the electronic system.  Smart battery system displays the remaining power of your cells. High-temperature electronic board with 4 times redundant memories. WWS deploys these gauges for very accurate reservoir monitoring, DST, static/dynamic gradient and build-up. As well as for pulse/interference tests and long term jobs. For high sensitivity, high stability, high resolution in hostile conditions and very
extreme temperatures.

Flow, Pressure and Fast-Temperature MPLT


WWS again chooses superior suppliers for Multilog gauges. Operating the only triple sensor memory tool. The electronics are protected and insulated from vibration. Our trained engineers are used for well diagnosis, easy-to-make production and injection profile in monophasic wells.

Surface Data Acquisition


 WWS carry gauges up to 20,000 Psi, with  downhole temperatures as high as 225 °C (392 °F). We use quartz gauges, as seen above for supreme accuracy and resolution. WWS can run gauges under a plug for Frac tests. Operating conventional static gradients and build-up tests. Our custom built wireline trucks and slim/multi split units as well as dual/single drum units are capable of recording data on location. As well as the ability to generate field reports whilst in operation at the well site. WWS knows how crucial data is and our technicians are highly skilled in the retrieval of such sensitive information.

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