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Slickline & Wireline

WWS is one of the leading providers of slickline Services in the North of Africa and is highly experienced in providing mechanical slickline services. Our field technicians are daily running and retrieving downhole tools and flow control equipment such as valves in gas lift pockets, safety valves to mention a few. We can operate in all types of well conditions, utilizing in light and heavy-duty operations. With an array of incontinent equipment fit for purpose packages such as:

  • Truck Mounted or Containerised Units

  • Quick Rig Up Trucks

  • Light Weight Offshore Units

  • Double Drums Units

  • Pressure Control Equipment

  • Tool Boxes and Workshop Containers

Dual Drum Wireline Trucks


WWS custom built dual drum trucks are tailored to deal with extreme conditions. Slick Line sizes range from 0.108”- 0.125” - 0.160”  Cables, Braided Line and Swab Line 7/32nd” cable (High Strength) E–Line 5/16” simultaneous rig ups.
 Truck Mounted Pressure test pump up to10k PSI Working Pressure (quick Lubricator fill up)
Data Acquisition System for Pressure Tests, Line pull, Wellhead Pressure, Weight. 
Fully tooled & equipped with 5K PSI H2S P.C.E. Equipment.
 Mechanical & Electronic  depth & weight indicator systems.
 Two Complete spare wheels on quick change system.
Electrical Generator Hydraulic,
 Electrical Generator diesel, 
 Intrinsic Intercom system between Operators cabin and Wellhead or Rig Floor.
Auxiliary Power pack for daily operation Draw works with Air Brake & Mechanical Brake as back up.
Dual Air Conditioners. Our trucks are designed for maximum performance and superior results.




WWS again presents a superior unit for our clients. A powerful water-cooled four-cylinder engine with field-exchangeable single or dual-drum winch frames for well servicing flexibility. Enabling WWS to perform basic slickline, fishing and logging from a comfortable cabin in a compact footprint.
Ergonomic, safe and responsive operator controls.
Superior sound and thermal insulation, closed loop hydraulic system giving a smooth control even at extremely slow logging speeds. ASEP Smart Monitor: sophisticated control system for safe, high-precision automatic operation. Fully customised zone 2, dual drum capacity running wire sizes, 0.092" slick-line to 7/32" braided line and 5/16" E-line.


Slim Units


WWS large inventory of tools and equipment also contains slim units with powerful water-cooled four cylinder diesel engine delivering up to 54 kW
 Two drums for well servicing from logging to slickline and
Heavy duty fishing.
Operating cabin with minimal foot print. One operator and one winch for logistical convenience. Excellent jarring characteristics

Ergonomic, safe and responsive operator controls, with minimum servicing requirements giving maximum availability
Superior sound and thermal insulation beyond industry requirements. ASEP SmartMonitor: sophisticated display system for speed,
depth and tension with automatic shutdown and recordable data
acquisition function.


Fishing Tools


WWS carries a wide selection of fishing tools. Our heavy-duty range can perform under a multitude of conditions and packages are available with or without supervisors and operatives. Bespoke packages are available for your specifications and requirements our regular operations include:

  • 7/32nd dyform cable

  • HD releasable / non-releasable spears

  • HD releasable /non-releasable overshots

  • HD Tool String

  •  0.160 Slick line

  • HD  Pulling tools 


bridge plug 3.jpg

WWS works with elite suppliers in order to operate with superior plug systems. Producing high-quality safety barriers within the wellbore, high-quality flexibility for well intervention, remediation, and integrity operations.

  • Well barrier during well maintenance and workovers.

  • Zonal isolation, water shut off or treatment.

  • Pre-installation in completion tail-pipe for packer setting.

  • Contingency packer setting.

  • Testing of production tubing(s). 

  • No specialized retrieval tool required, standard GS pulling tool
    used to equalise and retrieve.

Engineering Modules

Offshore Container.jpg

WWS intelligent pressurized engineering module provides a safe and comfortable purpose-built working environment. The range of uses deployed by WWS includes office, LWD, MWD, test cabin, mud logging cabin, workshop, wireline support, and ROV cabin. Our Modules are designed to DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079 specifications. A60 fire-rated module with flexible internal layouts to suit your requirements. Internal air-conditioning unit with individual thermostat control. PLC-based fire and gas detection unit, category II lighting, high-quality fixtures, and fittings. WWS modules are Zone II rated and have a quick and easy hook-up to on-board services.

Slickline Tool Containers


WWS maintains equipment and tools to the highest level with onsite engineers, mechanics and engineers. Tools are stored internally within the operating base storage unit and are transferred to our purpose-built containers for transport, storage and use once mobilised. Our containers boast an abundance of storage and are equipped with work stations and workshop equipment for maintenance and tool manipulation on site.

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