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Pressure Control Equipment

WWS procure and deploy a large volume of the highest quality Pressure Control Equipment available, our equipment is tested and certified in-country for superior mobilization capabilities. Products span from 3" or 4 1/6" Wireline Valves in either Manual or Hydraulic, Single and Dual with 5k or 10k working pressures. Our products are fully certified and are maintained to the highest industry standards. All products have been designed and manufactured to conform to API 6A.

Quad Hydraulic BOP's


WWS deploys hydraulic ram BOP's to provide positive barrier protection during well service operations. With sealing and shearing functions when running slickline, braided wireline, or electric line.

WWS operates with single, dual, triple, or quad ram configurations. Able to mobilize in sizes and working pressures from 2½- to 9-in. bore sizes, and 5,000- to 20,000-psi working pressures. Bespoke configurations to fulfil your specified  well conditions and connections to suit your wellhead.

Well Control Panels


WWS operate 5 Series control module panels. With our modules WWS is equipped to operate your complete electric line rig up, with everything needed for wireline well intervention in a practical single lift. Fitted with an industry-leading wellhead mimic panel, providing pressure control operations with clear and logical controls.

A combination of grease and hydraulic control module's are designed to operate triple wireline valves, a tool trap, tool catcher, stuffing box, line wiper, and grease injection. The compact wet centre reel assemblies reduce the time to rig up and down with no loose hoses to roll. With onshore and offshore proven reliability our module's provide superior safety on the well site.

Wireline Shear Seal Valve


The technology used by WWS provides compact, reliable and quick mechanism's for the shearing of slickline and wireline allowing full closure to establish isolation or sealing of the wellbore. Hydraulic actuators allow rapid closure, Independent shear and seal faces with dual hydraulic actuators. Cuts slickline, braided, and e-line. Providing improved safety and reliability along with improved wellhead access. Allows an increase in torque through rotational forces, reduced leak paths and Reduced redress frequency. Separate Hydraulic control panel with accumulators,
51/8 ID 10K H2S sour service with a DNV 2.7-1 certified skid.

Electric and Braided Line


WWS can provide all of your wireline intervention needs for E-line or braided-line operations. Our in-country inventory range of cased-hole equipment is available from 5,000 to 10,000 psi working pressure ratings and standard or H2S service. With inside diameters ranging from 2½ to 9 in.

Slick and Wireline


WWS carries a range of slickline pressure control equipment. Including wellhead adaptors, wireline valves, lubricators, stuffing boxes, all our packages come complete.  Varying from basic 2 1/2-in. inner diameter 5,000-psi working pressure string with a manual wireline valve, through to a 10,000-psi WP strings with triple and quad hydraulically operated wireline valves, up to 9-in. through bore.

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