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WWS has a large inventory of in-country tools and the ability to carry out same-day requests. We can offer our equipment across North Africa, UK, Europe, U.A.E and the middle east.


Zone 2 Logging Mast

WWS owns and operates a zone 2 logging mast with the ability to scale from 30ft to 60ft to 90ft at full extension. WWS mast is incontinent and able to mobilize upon request without downtime for import and customs. Making it a great choice for operations across the continent and beyond. Complete with counterweight, toolbox, and air-driven hydraulic control panel. With all servicing and maintenance carried out at WWS base of operations by our specialist team of technicians.

Multi-split & drum units

WWS carries the highest quality Multisplit, Slimline and Double/Single Drum units obtained from our quality assured suppliers. Our custom built International Navistar Wireline trucks include double drum units and operations cabins. We are able to mobilise within hours of request, based on service requirements or direct rental we can fulfil a multitude of operations.


Pressure Control Equipment 

WWS maintains a large inventory of PCE in country. Our equipment is certified and tested up to required pressures with certificates available upon request of services and/or rental. We have one of the only Quad BOP's in Tunisia and have a large inventory of PCE packages inclusive of; 

Quickload Stuffing Box
Slickline Grease Injection Stuffing box
Pump in sub c/w 1502 low torque valve.
Triple hydraulic wireline valve
Braided line grease headTool Trap
Tool Catcher
Lubricator x 70Ft
X-Overs to X-mas tree
Well control panel with built-in accumulators
Vast spares held in-country
DNV 2.7-1 certified

Along with our extensive range of PCE packages comes our Panel modules.  Our WHCP panels are stand alone but can be integrated into plant control and the wellhead safety system. Some of our applications include:

  • Safe and Sequential Operation of Wellhead Valves (SCSSV/SSV/Wing Etc.)

  • Emergency and Fire Shutdown

  • Safe Operation of Riser Valves

  • Flow line Pressure control

  • Well Test Operation

  • HIPPS /ESD/ Choke Valve Control

  • Partial Stroking

Well Control & Pump Panels

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