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WWS has a large inventory of in-country tools and the ability to carry out same-day requests. We can offer our equipment across North Africa, the UK, Europe, U.A.E and the middle east.


Heavy Duty Fishing

WWS carries a wide selection of fishing tools. Our heavy duty range can perform under a multitude of conditions and packages are available with or without supervisors and operatives. Bespoke packages are available for your specifications and requirements our regular operations include:

  • 7/32nd dyform cable

  • HD releasable / non-releasable spears

  • HD releasable /non-releasable overshots

  • HD Tool String

  •  0.160 Slick line

  • HD  Pulling tools 

Superior fishing tools

WWS suppliers craft superior performance fishing tools. A large inventory of in-country equipment is available for wireline operations. We carry the following items incontinent:

  • GLV Packages

  • GLV Retrieval Packages

  • Rotary Broach Systems

  • Pineapple Broaches

  • Diamond Broaches

  • Impression Subs

  • Collapsible Broaches

  • Adjustable Slotted Wirefinders

  • Adjustable Wirefinder Grabs

  • Wire Grabs

  • Adjustable Wirefinder Retriever

  • Centre Spears

  • Alligator Grabs

  • High Power Magnets

  • Lead Impression Blocks

  • Blind Boxes

  • Gauge Cutters

  • Gauge Ring Sample Catcher

  • Junk Basket

  • Rollerised Rotary Cutter

  • Rotary Cutter

  • GLV Pulling Tool

  • Multi-Action Shear

  • Dump Bailers

  • Hydrostatic Bailers-Multiple Types

  • Sand Pump Bailer - Multiple Types

  • Wire Scratcher

  • Tubing Swage

  • Universal Dummy Fish Neck

  • Slip Over Spool Mandrel



WWS works with elite suppliers in order to operate with high-performance plug systems which can be set at any depth in the tubing or casing. Producing high-quality safety barriers within the wellbore, high-quality flexibility for well intervention, remediation, and integrity operations. WWS can deploy permanent and retrievable systems, which can be equalized and retrieved using conventional well intervention processes. All operations can be implemented with one run reducing risk and operational costs. Full equalization can be achieved prior to retrieval allowing for secondary installations in the lower section of the plug. Current operations include:

  • Collision barriers during drilling

  • wellhead isolation 

  • zonal separation for fluid shutoff 

  • zonal separation to avoid cross flows 

  • downhole choke

  • packer setting, and tests for completions 

  • workovers

  • tubing integrity tests

  • abandonment operations.

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