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Explosives, Perforating and Cutting

WWS operates industry-leading perforating solutions using slickline, wireline and tubing conveyances. Through tubing perforating carriers convey charges in carriers up to 7" in diameter. We undergo analysis in order to select appropriate perforating equipment (Hole Size, Depth of Penetration, etc.). Tubing conveyed perforations allow our customers to optimize well production by detonating high-performance, deep-penetrating shaped charges that maximise perforation length and entry hole size. Our systems can be used in varying productions such as underbalanced perforating, fluid-sensitive formations, high-shot densities, large perforating intervals, or deviated wells. Tubing conveyed perforations are cost effective especially if long intervals must be perforated.

Perforating Guns

Hellfire perforating gun

WWS can provide all perforating requirements with in-country tools. Our engineers and specialists work to your required specifications and determine the tools and equipment needed to operate. With the ability to deploy E-guns to eliminate user wire connections and tandem sub maintenance. Scalloped hollow carrier gun systems with a scope of 1 3/8" to 7.00" diameters. Unscalloped economical gun systems with a diameter scope of 3 1/8" to 4.00". Capsule gun systems from 1 11/16" to 2 1/8" diameters. Squeeze gun systems allowing for increased shot density and maximum surface area access during cement operations, enabling complete distribution across the desired area during plug and abandonment operations.

Setting Tools

setting tool.jpg

WWS can deploy an array of setting tools to fulfil your requirements. Using specialized tools and patented technology we are able to provide one setting tool that can swap between sizes #10 and #20, with a self bleeding system and no oil required. Using this tool can replace four and increase rebuild and redress time by 50%. WWS can also mobilize with compact single-stage and multi-stage sets. Using these tools we can provide safer options to bleed off the pressure inside the tool at the surface, carry out horizontal pump down operations, operate with plugs and packers that require a long stroke oil level adjustments not being necessary.

Charges and Detonator Systems


WWS supplier provides superior tool technology allowing for patented charges to screw and lock in place. These are readily available to deploy with easy loading for super deep penetrating, good hole, and big hole shaped charges. Using a top fire detonator system consisting of quick-change assembly and a specialized detonator. Eliminating the use of electrical wiring, improving the efficiency of perforating operations.

Explosives Store


WWS has the full array of required tools and equipment to deliver your explosive needs. Our explosive store's transportation units comply with DNV 2.7-1 and BSEN 12079 specifications. Specially designed for onshore and offshore deployment with an integral detonator compartment.

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