Base of Operations
MFC 40
Well Testing
BPV Lubricator
Bespoke Grease Pump
Coiled Tubing
Onshore Operation
MFC 40
Base Internal
Offshore operations
MFC 24
Well Control Panel
MFC 40 + MTT
Offshore Rig Up
Well Control Panel Testing
BOP Offshore Stack Rig Up
Full PCE Rig Up
Limited Space Rig Up
Mast Rig Up
FDI + Spinner
Unit Mobilisation
Mast In Operation
MFC 40
Base Internal Testing
Base Lift Testing
Unit Preperation
Triple Drum Wireline Trucks
Self-Contained Pressure Test Area
Internal Storage Hanger
Multi-Split Slim Units
Large Tool Container
Bespoke Wireline Truck
Base Operations
Full Internal Workshop
Base Internal Operations
Slim Unit Offshore
Large Transport Tool Container
Mast Mobilisation
10K Stuffing Box
Pump Panel
20K Quad BOP
Crane Mobilisation
Internal Maintenance
WSSV + Well Control Panel
Zone 2 Engineering Unit
WSSV Maintenance


​WWS is an Oil and Gas services company based in Tunisia operating across North Africa, Europe, Asia the Middle East, and the U.A.E. We specialize in Slickline and E-Line operations, using our combined experience of over 30 years we are able to complete all operations effectively and efficiently, fulfilling client satisfaction.


Our tools are supplied by the finest known manufacturers worldwide as well as our bespoke equipment including custom-built wire-line trucks.


We have numerous bespoke items on the continent with the ability to mobilize within hours of request making us a standout in Oil and Gas servicing operations. See the links below to further explore our capabilities and understand our industry objectives as well as sustainability.

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In 2008 WWS opened for business immediately mobilising in several key areas of North Africa. With a head office based in the capital Tunis and a bespoke base of operations in Sidi Bou Ali, Sousse.



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Contact Number: (+216) 20 376 520

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For any enquiries, questions or information, please call: (+216) 20 37 65 20 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Centre Nawrez N°12

les Berges du Lac

1053 Tunis


Tel: (+216) 20 37 65 20

Tel: (+216) 27 37 65 20

Fax: (+216) 71 96 25 50

Operating Base

GP1 Point Km 126

Sidi Bou Ali 

4040 Sousse


Tel: (+216) 20 37 65 20

Tel: (+216) 27 37 65 20

Fax: (+216) 71 96 25 50

Our Operating and Servicing Locations.

Mediterranean sea, Saharan dessert, European continent, Baltic sea, U.A.E, African continent. All inclusive of onshore and offshore capabilities, with equipment and tools supplied world wide. 

Get a service or rental enquiry: 

Tel: (+216) 20 37 65 20

Tel: (+216) 27 37 65 20